Our Business Legal Services provide legal identification, registration and authentication to your business. From business registration to establishment license to tax registration, Indian Business LCS can help you with it all. As legal experts, we can ensure the smooth functioning of your business by undertaking all legal processes. We can undertake complete registration procedures, documentation and contracts for your business.

If you want to expand your business and reach out to customers in various regions, Business Expansion requires approval and authorization from legal authorities. We can make this entire process hassle-free for your business by taking care of all legal formalities ensuring you can entirely focus on your business.

The Trademark and Logo of your business are its most crucial identity and it is most important to get it registered. Also, you must stay away from any kind of copyright infringement that could become a massive legal concern for your business. Our team of experts can help you select a logo and trademark that maintain a unique identity for your business. With logo and trademark registration, we can help you ensure that your business doesn’t violate any copyright infringement and your business remains the sole owner of its intellectual property.

A business’ Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions documents may seem like a boring task, but these are what can help your business stay away from legal trouble. A Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions document must be written with a complete understanding of your business, its audience, customers and complete knowledge of legal formalities. Our team of legal experts draft professional and legal Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions documents that clearly state your business terms. These documents make your audience and customers aware of your business policies, legal action that you are permitted to take in case of any misuse and guidelines of your business.

Our Corporate and Commercial services entail legal documentation and advisory related to day-to-day business operations and affairs. This entails legal documents such as business transaction contracts, agreements, negotiations, etc. We hold expertise in dealing with legal business affairs as well as regular corporate legal needs by offering professional legal advice on acquisitions, mergers, takeovers and joint ventures. We also offer complete assistance in Company incorporation, liquidation and winding up and corporate taxation.

A founders agreement is an official legal agreement signed between the co-founders of a company. This agreement entails the terms between the founders for setting up the establishment. It specifies the role, responsibilities, duties, investment details, liabilities and ownership of each party. With a founders agreement, we can help you clearly establish the foundation terms, IP ownership and capital ownership of each founder.

It is advisable for every Company to have a Non-Disclosure Agreement. With this legal contract, it is easier to ensure that your company’s information, data, proceedings and all confidential affairs are not disclosed. With a professionally written NDA by our legal team, we can help you ensure that your company’s trade and confidential information is safe. An NDA can also help you convince your clients that any agreement or partnership with them will remain strictly confidential and there will not be any misuse of data from either end.